Step-by-step video guide to making the perfect pulled beef brisket burger

Craving a juicy pulled meat burger or want to impress guests? If you have time on your hands, this slow-cooked pulled beef brisket is perfect to make a sandwich or a burger that is sure to satisfy your tastebuds. 


For the smoked brisket beef

2 kg brisket beef

2 litres water

200 gms carrots

200 gms onion

50 gms whole garlic

100 gms celery

100 gms leek

10 gms fresh thyme

1¾ tspn salt

200 gms fresh fennel seeds

2 cubes of beef stock


To make three brisket burgers, you will need

80 gms smoked brisket

3 tbsp barbecue sauce

3 tbsp miso mayo or Japanese mayonnaise

2 tbsp pickled onion (Slice red onions and pickle in a hot brine of water and rice vinegar)

2 tbsp crispy onion

3 piece mini potato bun

Half a baby gem lettuce

1 sp salt

1 tsp pepper powder



Start by adding the aromatics and seasonings for the beef brisket into a deep pan and cook the beef for six hours on low heat. This helps the meat absorb the flavours as it cooks.

Remove the beef from the stock and rest the beef for an hour. The stock can be cooled and stored in the freezer to be used later in recipes like soups.

Next, to smoke the beef, place it on a grill for 5 minutes until it caramalises.

Start by trimming the brisket into slices, and season with salt, pepper, and paprika flakes.

Coat with barbecue sauce. Place it back on the barbecue or hot plate until caramelised.

Next, toast a brioche bun and spread a mix of mayo miso and rice vinegar sauce. Top with some pickled onions, gem lettuce, sliced brisket, and crispy onions.

Chef Moustafa Hamed works at Basko, a restaurant in Bussiness Bay, Dubai.