Abu Dhabi: The story of a stranded man and how he copes with the environment he finds himself in before being rescued received a standing ovation from a packed auditorium at the Emirates Palace hotel at the Wrecked's world premiere on Friday.

The film, one of the more anticipated ones of 2010, starring Hollywood actor Adrien Brody under the guidance of first time director Michael Greenspan was shot in just 18 days on location in Canada.

"Chris [Christopher Dodd, Wrecked screenwriter] had collaborated for many years and it was during one project around five years ago that he sent me a draft of this film and I remember thinking that we should stop doing everything else and just focus on this one," Greenspan explained.

Because of it's minimalist approach to dialogue and sound, audience members were given an uncomfortably up close and first hand glimpse into what is a possible scenario for those who are trapped in isolated locations as Brody's character was.

"I share [script] reading responsibilities with my father, who often imparts great advice…after he read the script for Wrecked, he told me that I had to do the film and after reading it, I agreed," Adrien said. "Scripts like this give a rare opportunity for actors to explore so much without words…it was both challenging and exciting for me," he added.

Dodd noted that when he first embarked on writing the screenplay, it was as part of an experiment and because of his concern that it may fail, he didn't reveal anything about it until he had completed the first draft.

"This all started out as an experiment…I was just surfing the internet one day, I don't remember why now, and I came across this photograph of a mangled car…as I looked at it, I began thinking how it must feel like to wake up in such a situation," Christopher explained.

"Usually when a screenplay is written, the first step is to write an outline that the movie will be based on…but for this one, I decided to use free writing style. That means that there was no plan, no structure… which is probably what led to creating the movie's magic…it felt as though the script had written itself, something I hope will happen again," he added, smiling.