Video: Day 1 of BTS’ Suga’s solo concert was a hit
BTS’ Suga’s solo concert a hit on first two days. Image Credit: Twitter/BTS official

Twitter is full of purple heart emojis, thanks to BTS' Suga first-ever solo world tour that began yesterday, April 27, in New York.

While yesterday was the first day of the solo concert, opening to the rapper’s 'D-Day' world tour. Today is day two.

Videos from the show, which took place at the UBS Arena in Belmont Park, took the internet by storm. His name Yoongi (Min Yoon-gi) and stage names Suga and Agust D were top trends on Twitter worldwide.

Agust D is another name Suga uses when he releases solo songs or works separately from his K-pop band, BTS.

Viral videos shared by fans showed that the concerts have huge audiences filled with energy.

Right before the concert, the Armys (BTS fans) attending the show used Twitter to share updates about a 69-year-old fan named Carol, who didn't have a light stick, a signature audience prop during BTS events. They came together to find her one.

As soon as the concert began, fans took to social media to share snapshots and clips from the show, calling it spectacular and powerful.

“Such a powerful performance… He [put] his soul into it,” wrote @taejin_07.

And, @Army_Connect tweeted: “NYC (New York City) Armys making my heart swell with pride. Yoongi deserves this and so much more.”

On the first day of the tour, Suga was seen performing many of his solo tracks, which include recent releases like Haegeum, Daechwita, Agust D, Give it to Me, Seesaw (Acoustic), People, People Pt.2, Amygdala, and D-DAY, among other fan favourites.

Another thing that caught the audience’s attention was Suga’s guitar, which had special messages from other BTS members written on it.

Fans translated the messages that were written in Hangul.

Kim Seok-jin’s message read: “Do well and come without getting hurt. I will watch it on TV,” with a smiley face drawn beside it. J-Hope had written: “Yoongi hyung (big brother), I hope you end the tour with great success, love you, bruh.”

Jimin’s message read, “Little Jerry", whereas RM wrote, “Safe tour”.

Meanwhile, V’s note read: “Hwaiting (a word to show support or encouragement) Yoongi”.

And, the youngest of the group, Jungkook, wrote: “Yoongi… Don’t get hurt! Hwaiting!”

Fans were impressed by every stage execution and theatrical element that made the show a hit.

Tweep @btshobijin posted: “Amygdala was too insane today... I literally got goosebumps listening to him singing from his heart.”

On February 14, Suga shared an update on Instagram, according to which the tour will cover places like Belmont Park, Newark, Rosemont, Los Angeles, Oakland, Jakarta, Bangkok, Singapore, Seoul, and Japan.