Still from the official trailer of ’Youth’
Still from the official trailer of ’Youth’ Image Credit: Chorokbaem Media/YouTube

The first trailer for ‘Youth’, a Korean drama inspired by BTS‘s fictional universe, has been released and fans are excited.

South Korean production company Chorokbaem Media recently shared the official trailer of the series, which was produced in collaboration with BTS’ label HYBE Corporation, on YouTube.

Approximately four years after it was first announced, the trailer was finally shown for the first time in May during the 2023 Korea Expo in Paris.

The highly anticipated drama will feature actors Seo Jo-hoon as Jin, Ahn Ji-ho as J-Hope, Seo Young-joo as RM, Kim Yoon-woo as Jimin, Jung Woo-jin as V, and Jeon Jin-seo as Jungkook, portraying the members of BTS.

Is the drama based on their real story?

No, the makers of the K-drama series have clarified that the storyline of Youth is fictional.

According to a report on “The story is not about the real-life story of the seven BTS members. Instead, the drama tells the fictional story based on the plot of the BTS Universe told in their music videos and short films, and album notes during the ‘HYYH era’. The HYYH era, short for Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa, means ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life’. It consisted of a trilogy that explored the challenges and growth faced by boys transitioning from adolescence to adulthood.”

The BTS Universe depicts a time-traveling friendship story. The story that was initially seen in BTS’s music videos later expanded into other media, including the BTS Universe Story game and the ‘Save Me’ webtoon in which, Seokjin (Jin‘s fictional character) tries to save his six friends over and over again by going back in time.

Some reports say that the Youth storyline revolves around the BTS members meeting during a shared detention at school, which leads to them developing a strong bond.

The drama will also delve into the issues such as early childhood trauma, relationships with parents, and other relatable challenges faced by youngsters.

The K-drama reportedly has a budget of $35.4 million (Dh130 million). The high budget is attributed to the inclusion of a BTS OST (Original Soundtrack) song.