Chris Martin gives shoutout to BTS’ Jin during concert
Chris Martin gives shoutout to BTS’ Jin during concert Image Credit: Gulf News archives and

Chris Martin, lead vocalist and pianist of the British rock band Coldplay, recently gave a shoutout to K-pop idol Jin of BTS. Fans are loving the interaction.

The band recently went on tour and one of their stops was Amsterdam. In the audience were fans of both Coldplay and BTS. One of the fans held up a sign referring to the lyrics of a song by the BTS singer.

“I get heaven to myself when I’m with Coldplay,” the sign read, using lyrics from the song The Astronaut – “I get heaven to myself when I'm with you”.

Seeing the sign, Chris Martin said: “Okay, that’s beautiful. Shout out to Jin of BTS with that sign.”

The audience member later took to Twitter to share the experience.

@Sanne65059702 posted: “Well, what can I say… Chris saw my sign, he thanked me for mentioning BTS and Wootteo (a character part of Jin's The Astronaut promotions). After the show, my son Deedee got a pic, a drumvel, and a set list, the man from Coldplay crew was really kind to us and made also a picture of my sign.”

The song was co-written by Jin, the British rock band Coldplay, who previously collaborated with BTS on ‘My Universe’, Norwegian DJ Kygo, who produced the track with Bill Rahko, and Chris Martin's son Moses Martin.

The Astronaut, which came out on October 28 of 2022, became a global success. The song topped the UAE weekly chart on Spotify for two weeks in a row.

Last week the song surpassed 196 million streams on Spotify and accomplished 10 million streams in 3 days, 50 million streams in 22 days, and 100 million streams in 72 days.

The solo release took Jin to Spotify's 'Global Top Artist' and 'Japan Top Artist' charts.

Jin, the eldest band member of the K-pop megastars recently announced on Weverse, a social platform the band uses to communicate with fans, that he received a military promotion, two months earlier than schedule