BTS’ V surprises a fan and spends entire day with her
BTS’ V surprises a fan and spends entire day with her Image Credit: Youtube/Dingo Story

Online South Korean show Dingo Story finally unveiled a new episode yesterday featuring K-pop star V (Taehyung) of BTS, surprising a lucky fan and spending an entire day with her.

Dingo Story is a show in which a family member or friend sends a request for their loved one who is struggling in some way. The show’s team then sets up a surprise meeting between the person and their favourite celebrity. The celebrity spends some time encouraging them and cheering them on, much like a friend. They guide them and provide helpful advice.

On August 31, the show uploaded on YouTube showed a fan named Kim Ha-young, whose dream is to become a female military officer. She expressed her wish to spend a day with V so he could give her encouragement to pass the officer's exam.

To her surprise, Ha-young found herself face-to-face with V during what she thought would be a preliminary interview for the wish.

V and Kim Ha-young enjoyed a day filled with light-hearted fun.

After meeting at a restaurant and eating together, the duo visited a gaming arcade and even took pictures at a photo booth.

Fellow armies (BTS fans) loved the episode. Many said that it showcased a side of V that is rarely seen.

Later, V also shared an update about Kim Ha-young on his Instagram story, confirming that she was able to pass her military exam.

In a message Ha-young wrote to the show's producer, she explained: "Hello! It's been a while since I contacted you! I hope you were safe during the typhoon. Today, the announcement of the results of the military academy exam was released. I thought I should let you know first! I passed! I feel so proud now that I've become a true proud Army. It's hot lately so be careful of the heat and have a good day today, too!"

Video clips from the show went viral, with many congratulating Ha-young for passing the exam and meeting her idol.

Meanwhile, V's solo debut album, ‘Layover’, with its title track ‘Slow Dancing’, is set to be released on September 8. The physical albums are currently available for pre-order on multiple online stores.

On August 31, the 27-year-old singer also broke a new Spotify record surpassing over 1 billion streams across all credits on his Spotify profile, ahead of the release of his solo debut album.

In a recent interview with W Korea, a women's beauty magazine, talking about his return to the stage, V had asked: “The burning question in my mind? ‘Do I need to diet for this grand return?”

His bandmate RM seems to have similar concerns. In a recent live on Weverse (a K-pop fan community app), RM revealed that he was trying to eat one meal a day as part of his diet.

Fans showed concern asking the idols to stay healthy.