Strong Girl Nam-soon stands third on Netflix's Top 10 list.
Strong Girl Nam-soon stands third on Netflix's Top 10 list. Image Credit: Netflix

1. This week, two Korean series made it to Netflix’ top 10 trending shows.

K-drama comedy, ‘Strong Girl Nam-Soon’, a spin-off of the 2017 popular thriller Strong Girl Bong-soon, stands at number three this week.

Starring Lee You-mi, Kim Jung-eun, and Kim Hae-sook, the story is of a young woman gifted with superhuman strength. After going missing as a child, she returns to Korea to look for her birth family — only to be entangled in a drug case that could test her power.

On number eight is Korean reality game show ‘The Devil’s Plan’.

The first season of the show premiered on September 26, 2023, on Netflix. In this competition of intelligence, 12 contestants face off in games of wit and strategy to be crowned winner and go home with the ultimate prize.

2. K-drama ‘Twinkling Watermelon’ maintains its ratings

New fantasy K-drama ‘Twinkling Watermelon’ is maintaining its position in the ratings race.

According to Nielsen Korea, which analyses viewership ratings in Korea said that the latest episode of ‘Twinkling Watermelon’, achieved an average nationwide viewership rating of 3.6 percent. This is a 0.1 per cent decrease from its previous episode’s rating of 3.7 per cent.

The drama, which stars Ryeoun, Choi Hyun-wook, Seol In-ah, and Shin Eun-soo, follows music-loving high school student Ha Eun-gyeol (Ryeoun), the youngest son of a deaf family who is, as his father puts it, the “voice that connects their family to the world”.

Eun-gyeol is forced to grow up quickly as he helps his loved ones navigate the world, learning to shield them from the cruelty of others.

‘Twinkling Watermelon’ is available on Viki for UAE viewers.

3. K-drama 'Sweet Home' releases new teaser

Hit Korean apocalyptic horror drama, 'Sweet Home', has released a chilling teaser for its sequel. After the success of the first season in 2020, the show has announced plans for the second and third seasons. The teaser confirms that the show will be returning in December.

Starring Song Kang in the lead role, Lee Jin-wook, and Lee Si-young, the first season was an instant hit among fans.

In March this year, South Korean actress Go Min-si took to her Instagram to share an update following the wrap-up of Sweet Home two and three schedule. The filming of the second season of the South Korean horror show began last year in winter. The show signaled the return of some of the old cast members from Season 1 alongside a fresh new cast in Season 2 for Sweet Home.