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The Office Image Credit: NBC

Fans of ‘The Office’ got a New Year surprise with a never-seen cold open or teaser sequence that dropped on social media.

The five-minute sequence shows Jim, Palm security guard Hank and a trained black cat all in on the prank to convince Dwight he’s living in The Matrix. Dwight is working out of Michael Scott’s office when his computer is taken over and a message pops up on his screen: ‘Hello, Dwight. Have you ever felt that something was not right with the world?’

The next scene cuts to Jim and Pam where the former explains how in The Matrix, seeing a black cat twice is a glitch in the system, meaning that the Matrix is real. As the scenes unravel, Hank tells Dwight his real name is Dorpheus, Morpheus’ brother [A character from ‘The Matrix’].

The cold open appears to be filmed around the time of the 2013 season finale.

The Office
The Office Image Credit: NBCUniversal

The Office is now streaming on NBC’s Peacock, with the first two seasons available for free, and Seasons 3-9 available to premium subscribers. The streaming platform isn’t available in the UAE.