Jeremy Renner in Hawkeye Image Credit: Marvel Studios

Even as Marvel fans around the world are enjoying the first two episodes of its latest Disney Plus series ‘Hawkeye’, fans in the UAE have been left in the dark — again.

While streaming platform Disney Plus — which houses all of Disney-Marvel’s TV series and films — is yet to come to the UAE, audiences here have been able to enjoy the content on OSN streaming so far.

However, after ‘What If...?’, Marvel’s aternate reality animated series that dropped in August this year, also didn’t release in the UAE, it looks like ‘Hawkeye’ will also not be showing here. At least for now.

Peggy Carter in 'What if...?'
Peggy Carter in 'What if...?' Image Credit: Marvel Studios

And while sources have said that the show will come to the UAE at a future date, no confirmation has come through yet.

One of the reasons OSN doesn’t have the rights to screen ‘Hawkeye’ yet could be that Disney Plus might be arriving in the country sooner rather than later.

In an earnings call a couple of months ago, Disney’s CEO Bob Chapek said that Disney Plus’ rollouts in certain markets such as Eastern Europe was being pushed from late 2021 to summer 2022. The reasoning for this, he said, is to coincide with the market roll out in “parts of the Middle East and Africa,” Variety reported.

It wasn’t confirmed which parts of the Middle East he was referring to.

Hawkeye 1-1636703985343
Rhys Thomas, Hailee Steinfeld and Jeremy Renner at a photocall for 'Hawkeye' Image Credit: AP

‘Hawkeye’ is set in the aftermath of ‘Avengers: Endgame’, with Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) getting ready to spend Christmas with his family. A threat from his past forces him to leave his loved ones behind and team up with Kate Bishop, a talented young archer — and big Hawkeye fan.

Hailee Steinfeld brings Bishop, a popular comic book character, to life for her Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) debut in ‘Hawkeye’.

“I feel just so lucky to be playing a character that so many people love and so many people have been so excited for such a long time to see her brought to life,” the 24-year-old told Reuters.