Space Force
Space Force Image Credit: Netflix

The teaser for Steve Carell’s upcoming Netflix show — from the crew that brought us ‘The Office’ — has dropped online, and it’s already hilarious.

The starry cast of ‘Space Force’, launching on May 29, includes John Malkovich, Jane Lynch, Lisa Kudrow, Ben Schwartz, Noah Emmerich, Tawny Newsome and more.

The comedy series follows a group of people, led by General Mark Naird (Carell), who are tasked with creating the sixth branch of the armed services. As expected, missteps and disaster ensue.

“Our nation’s internet runs through our vulnerable space satellites, POTUS wants complete space dominance. To that end, the president is creating a new branch — Space Force — which Mark will run,” says a commander in the trailer.

Soon after, John Malkovich’s character, Dr Adrian Mallory, drops this nugget of wisdom: “Space should be a zone of wonder, not of conflict and death.”

Meanwhile, Carell delivers several Michael Scott-worthy moments, including telling a group of experts: “As a scientist, you have loyalty to reason. Makes you a little untrustworthy.”

Immediately after, we get a shot of Carell blowing up a prototype, which he is told could have funded four new middle schools.

‘Space Force’ begins streaming on Netflix on May 29.