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Australian actress Elizabeth Debicki. Image Credit: AFP

Elizabeth Debicki, known for her poignant portrayal of Princess Diana in Netflix’s ‘The Crown,’ has shifted gears dramatically in her latest role in Ti West’s horror sequel, ‘MaXXXine’.

“I shot this quite soon after wrapping up ‘The Crown’ and I found it to be a very medicinal palate cleanser,” she shared, according to Deadline.

Debicki’s performance as Princess Diana earned her a Golden Globe, a role she stepped into after Emma Corrin played the part in an earlier season.

Reflecting on her journey, she emphasised how ‘MaXXXine’ presented a unique opportunity that resonated deeply with her.

“I have no idea why this came my way, except that when I read the script, it felt symbiotic and I felt really connected to the role,” she explained, noting the allure of the character and storyline.

In ‘MaXXXine,’ Debicki portrays Elizabeth Bender, a director pivotal to the narrative as she catapults Maxine Minx (played by Mia Goth) into the limelight amid the backdrop of 1980s Los Angeles, according to Deadline.

The film delves into the horror genre with elements of suspense and intrigue, showcasing Debicki’s versatility beyond her previous roles.

Speaking about her approach to acting and the diverse roles she takes on, Debicki described the profession as a transformative experience.

“It’s not really my job to see myself in certain ways, it’s my job to become the thing that people need me to become,” she remarked,

This philosophy underscores her willingness to explore different facets of characters, evident in her portrayal of Liz Bender in ‘MaXXXine.’

Furthermore, Debicki drew parallels between her character and director Ti West, highlighting shared struggles and ambitions in the film industry. “There is some Ti in Liz Bender,” she noted, indicating the personal connection she found with the role and its creator’s vision.