Helen Flanagan
Helen Flanagan Image Credit: Instagram/hjgflanagan

Actress Helen Flanagan came face-to-face with a massive tarantula in her family home which left her completely terrified.

The actress confessed to being “creeped out” and took refuge in her dressing room, hoping that her ex, Scott Sinclair, would come to her help, reports ‘Mirror.co.uk’.

However, the mother of three didn’t call her ex-fiance, who was visiting their children, Matilda, Charlie, and Delilah, at their old home. She feared that Scott, knowing her phobia of insects, would “chuck it” at her and chase her around the house in jest.

As per ‘Mirror.co.uk’, the ‘Coronation Street’ star recounted the incident to her one million Instagram followers, saying, “So, I literally have just been tidying up the house and I was going down the stairs and didn’t have the landing light on and noticed this tarantula on my stairs.”

Despite having participated in ‘I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here’ last year, which somewhat lessened her fear of creepy crawlies, she admitted, “I just don’t like him, it was like massive and hairy as well (sic)”. She later barricaded herself in her dressing room, where she busied herself with some editing work, only to find the tarantula had followed her.

She added, “I thought to myself, ‘Could you imagine if I opened my door and it was there?’" In a later update, she informed her fans that the eight-legged intruder had disappeared, which she confessed: “creeped her out more.”