Fans love Suga’s solo interview with Jimmy Fallon
Fans love Suga’s solo interview with Jimmy Fallon Image Credit: Screengrab from YouTube

As his first solo global tour kicked off last week, South Korean rapper and BTS member Min Yoon-gi or Suga was invited to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, on May 2. The Armys (BTS fans) are loving Suga’s solo TV interview debut.

Viral video clips from the interview showed that the audience kept cheering for Suga loudly, throughout the interview, as he shared more about his album and the ongoing tour.

Fans shared many interesting and hilarious moments from the interview.

At one point, Fallon asked Suga to confirm if he used to work as a food delivery person before becoming a K-pop star. Not only did Suga confirm it, but he also said that he was “pretty good at it (his job)”.

When Fallon asked him what made him good at the job, he smirked and replied: “I was good at driving….”

BTS fan @t43kookie_ tweeted: “I really love his confidence.”

When asked about his thoughts on being named an NBA (National Basketball Association, North America) ambassador last month, fans noticed that the singer had an embarrassed smile.

“When the NBA first called me, I wasn’t sure why they called. Why would the NBA need an ambassador? Isn’t the NBA more famous than I am?” he asked.

To which, the Army in the audience loudly replied, “No.”

The singer is a basketball fan and loves to play the sport too. In fact, veteran Armys would even know that his stage name, Suga, comes from his position as the shooting guard on his highschool's basketball team.

During the interview, the singer who uses the stage name Agust D, when performing solo, explained what the name meant. Agust D is “DT Suga [spelt] backward,” he said. And added that DT stood for Daegu town where he grew up.

The 30-year-old rapper made his solo comeback recently with his album D-Day. It includes 10 tracks, and the title track Haegeum has been topping the charts since its release.

While the Hangeul word is the name of a traditional Korean instrument, the singer-songwriter explained that the term also means to get liberation from the things that shackle you. He also performed the song at the show later that night.

In response, Fallon brought an actual Haegeum instrument, which neither Suga nor the host could successfully play.

He went on to talk about his newly released documentary on Disney+, Suga: Road to D-DAY.

Fallon shared how it documents the entire behind-the-scenes of the album's making. The host asked Suga if it bothered him to have cameras around him all the time when the documentary was filmed.

Suga replied that he had shot many documentaries in his career as a K-pop group member and that he doesn’t feel uncomfortable around cameras anymore.

This week, Suga's latest album D-Day opened at number two on the Billboard 200, the weekly ranking of the most-consumed albums and EPs (extended play) in the US.

With this, D-Day ties as the highest-charting album of all time by a South Korean solo musician in US history, matching a record set just a few weeks ago by another BTS member – Jimin. In April, Jimin’s debut solo EP Face also launched at the second spot on the Billboard 200.