Han So-hee
Han So-hee Image Credit: Instagram/Han So-hee

She is known for being petite and slender, but South Korean actress Han So-hee was concerned when a fan recently told her that she wanted to look “skinny” like So-hee.

The actress, who featured in Jungkook’s ‘Seven’ music video was live on Instagram on August 4, to interact with her fans.

Turning on her livestream as soon as she woke up, the ‘Nevertheless’ actress said she decided to do the broadcast to answer her fans' questions about her.

"It's been years since I last did a live broadcast, I think," she noted.

During the livestream, she shared some details about her personal life with fans and showed off a new flip phone that she had been using lately.

Suddenly, she read out a comment from a fan who had asked: "How can I be skinny like you?"

Looking concerned, So-hee immediately warned the fan to protect their health instead.

“You can’t be as skinny as me. Please absolutely protect your health," she said sternly.

The 28-year-old actress added that she maintains an 'abnormal' weight because of her job.

"Although inner beauty also comes into play, my career involves showing off how I look on the outside, and that is why I lose weight. If not for that, I would have also maintained a normal weight.

“I think that you absolutely can’t fix your standard of beauty by being skinny or chubby. It would be great if the clothes you want to wear fit your body perfectly, but I hope that you don’t lose weight while damaging your health. You’re not pretty for being skinny. You have to be healthy to be pretty,” the actress added assertively.