Kunchako Boban and Jayasurya, who were last seen together in Rosshan Andrews’ School Bus, return with a fun film, Shahjahanum Pareekuttiyum.

This is Malayalam director Boban Samuel’s fourth film and is written by Y.V. Rajesh. His last film with Samuel was the commercial hit Romans.

In Shahjahanum Pareekuttiyum, Boban and Jayasurya play two men in love with the same woman, Jia, played by Amala Paul.

Jia, the only child of a businessman, loses her memory in a car accident. She is intrigued when two men, one a local thug, Prince, and the other, a suave businessman, Pranav, meet her claiming to be her lover. While she recognises her parents, as well as her friend, the doctor treating her, she is unable to remember the two men.

So is it a love triangle?

Joining the fray for her attention is Major Ravi (Aju Verghese), her father’s friend’s son, with whom her marriage is arranged.

So who ultimately wins Jia’s heart?

This simple entertainer makes no tall claims of being anything else and with hilarious moments in the first half, it succeeds in doing that.

Suraj Venjarmoodu plays Mathews, a private detective and Major Ravi’s friend. Venjaramoodu looks smart in a new get-up and does not resort to his usual gimmicks but delivers his lines in a matter-of-fact way, keeping viewers chuckling.

Boban and Jayasurya play characters that are diametrically opposite to each other and seem to share a better chemistry than they do with Paul.

Paul, who recently played Shanti, a poor mother who dreams big for her teenage daughter in the Tamil film Amma Kanakku, proves her versatility. Slipping into the look of a contemporary woman, her Jia is as convincing as the poor maid Shanti was.

With an element of suspense thrown in when you least expect it, Shahjahanum Pareekuttiyum definitely entertains.