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College friends Jyothis (Vinayakan), Rexy (Sharafudheen), Subahan (Vinay Forrt) and Gautham (Fahadh Faasil) share a strong bond.

But, driving a wedge into their relationship is Gautham’s father (Renji Panicker), who also happens to be their college principal. Following an incident in college, Jyothis, Rexy and Subahan are expelled, while Gautham continues to study in the same college. After he graduates, Gautham secures a job in the corporate world.

But he’s a changed man. He’s a workaholic who isn’t interested in marriage and that concerns his parents.

Gautham’s father approaches his old friends to get his happy, vibrant son back. His old friends plan a Goa getaway and during the trip, they discover a hidden love story from Gautham’s life that has brought him down.

Written and directed by Raffi, this story is touted as a comedy, but it fails to bring a smile.

The script sags under the weight of dull and unconvincing moments. What keeps the film entertaining is Faasil’s performance. He juggles the two phases in Gautham’s life; the cool college student and the boring, nerdy Gautham.

Watch out for Vinayakan of Kammatipadam fame in a comic role here.

Role Models is an average entertainer, which releases on July 6 across UAE cinemas.