Mamachen — Biju Menon — is an aspiring politician in Vellimoonga. Mamachen’s late father, a political and freedom fighter, leaves the family in debt after his demise. Being the eldest son, Mamachen shoulders the family responsibility and remains a bachelor.

Much as he detested politics in his young days, Mamachen was unwittingly drawn towards it, after he wore his father’s khadi shirt. And when that simple khadi shirt earns him the respect of a policeman, Mamachen decides that politics is his life from then on.

He becomes a party worker and shrewdly manipulates everything in his favour; from taking free rides in share autos and occupying the front seat, Mamachen has a knack of getting things done.

A political satire, Vellimoonga had all elements to doom it right from the word go. The hero is middle-aged and falls in love with a girl young enough to be his daughter.

Yet, cinematographer-turned-director Jibu Jacob’s maiden venture succeeds. Menon carries the film deftly while Mamachen’s side-kick Aju Verghese matches him, creating the perfect tango. You will love their chemistry.

K.P.A.C. Lalitha is most endearing as Mamachen’s mother; Tini Tom, as another aspiring politician jealous of Mamachen, acquits his part remarkably. His interactions with the panchayat president, a woman with a suspicious husband, is hilarious. Shajon (remember the bad cop from Drishyam?) is seen in a completely different character and the versatile actor is splendid. Asif Ali surprises in a cool role that is delivered in style.

With incredibly funny lines in laugh-out-loud situations, the film consistently delivers comic moments, some of which linger long after you have left the hall. That’s Vellimoonga for you. Go for it. And don’t forget to take the family.