Superstar Rajinikanth Image Credit: PTI

Chennai: Actor Rajnikanth on Saturday issued a legal notice warning of legal actions against those who use his name, voice, image, and any other distinctive elements, uniquely associated for commercial purposes with him without his consent.

The notice stated that the client (Rajnikanth) is an actor with a humongous reputation of celebrity, having acted in films across languages for decades and has earned him the title "Superstar".

"It has come to our notice that several platforms and mediums and various product manufacturers are misappropriating our client's name, images, and AI-generated images for gaining popularity and entice the public to purchase their products," the notice stated.

The notice argued that Rajnikanth's image, name, and unique photographs, distinctive to him, on digital and physical platforms, is likely to create confusion and deception in the minds of the public

The notice said that the client (Rajnikanth) has the sole right over the commercial utilisation of his personality, image, voice,

"In the above-said circumstances, notice is hereby given that if anyone is infringing our client's personality/publicity/celebrity rights, including all facets of our client's personality, our client will take all proceedings including civil and criminal in accordance with the law as against the persons infringing our client's rights," the notice stated.