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Malayalam actor Mammootty will be at the Sharjah Expo Centre on December 6 at 6pm along with his team from his new 17th century warrior epic ‘Mamangam.’

He will be accompanied by actors Unni Mukundan, Prachi Tehlan, Iniya and Shankar Ramakrishnan. Director M Padmakumar will also be a part of this star-studded event in the UAE.

It’s for invitees only and you will also get to see an extended trailer of the film, releasing in the UAE on December 12.

There will also be a new song that will be unveiled from the film.

‘Mamangam’ is a tale of warrior Chaaverukal (Mammootty) who plots to overthrow the Zamorin rulers in the Malabar region of Kerala.

It’s set against the backdrop of the Mamangam festival celebrated during the 17th century once in 12 years. Mamangam is a fest in which warriors from different parts of the country would arrive on the coast of Bharatapuzha to wage war against each other to prove their superiority.

Mammootty took to his Facebook page to make the grand announcement about the project with: “Happy to be part of ‘Mamangam’ which chronicles the journey of the legendary “Chaaverukal” of Valluvanadu. The biggest film I have done so far and it has an outstanding screenplay by debutante director Sajeev Pillai, who has written it after 12 years of research. The film is set in the late 17th century. We are grateful to the legendary Navodaya for their large-heartedness in allowing us to use their prestigious title ‘Mamangam’.

Director Sajeev Pillai was replaced by director M Padma Kumar as the project hit midway.