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The trailer of Malayalam film ‘Ishq’ is beautiful. A young couple are travelling in a car with the radio playing in the background. The RJ’s voice is distinct as she conveys messages and then the young man turns to his lover and asks for a kiss. She replies saying’ “Seriously, you can’t be asking this in the middle of the road,” as a Hindi song plays from the radio. A beautiful intimate moment is captured and viewers are left wondering what’s to follow.

“‘Ishq’ is not just a love story,” said debutant director Anuraj Manohar. “It is about the ups and downs in their relationship and told from Vasudha’s perspective.”

Shane Nigam plays Sachi who is in love with Vasudha, a college student. Ann Sheethal, who entered the industry with ‘Ezra’ (Malayalam), plays Vasudha — her first in a lead role.

“Vasudha is a simple young woman, a character every girl will relate to,” said Sheethal. “She is in love and in her dream world. What she goes through one night and how it transforms her forms the story of ‘Ishq’.”

Sheethal is loving the bouquets coming her way. Watching the film in theatres with the audience was another wonderful moment, she added.

“During the filming, I was more focused on my performance and did not notice how the work of my co-actors — Shane Nigam and Shine Tom Chacko — enhanced the appeal of the film. As an audience, I could appreciate that.”

Shaan Rahman and Jakes Bejoy have composed music. Anarsha is the DOP.

‘Ishq’ produced by E4 Entertainment and AVA Productions releases in the UAE on May 23.