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Sunny Wayne in ‘Anugraheethan Antony’ Image Credit: Supplied

Malayalam actor Sunny Wayne, who spearheads the father-son relationship drama ‘Anugraheethan Antony’ out in UAE cinemas, wants to succeed in his career on his own terms.

“I am a little selective when it comes to choosing films … I don’t do a lot of movies — maybe two movies in a year. I have been in the industry for over nine years, but I want to remain selective and want to stay away from the spotlight,” said Wayne in an interview over the phone prior to the release of his film.

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‘Anugraheethan Antony’ Image Credit: Supplied

In his latest project, Wayne — who made his debut with Dulquer Salmaan in the seminal gangster thriller ‘Second Show’ — plays a young man who’s yet to find his groove. His father, played by seasoned actor Siddique, believes his wayward son is up to no good and comes home with a pair of dogs as a replacement for his irresponsible son and begins indulging them more than his own blood.

Directed by Prince Joy, the film also features an eclectic set of actors including Gouri Kishan, Indrans and Suraj Venjaramood.

“It’s one of those rare films which blends drama, fantasy and relationships seamlessly. The director’s creativity is on full display here and it’s our characters that make this film unique,” said Wayne.

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‘Anugraheethan Antony’ Image Credit: Supplied

‘Anugraheethan Antony’, set in a hamlet in Kerala, has opened to good reviews with Wayne’s performance being appreciated universally. His next film ‘Chathur Mugham’ is with Malayalam cinema’s celebrated and revered actress Manju Warrier. For any relative newcomer, working with Warrier — one of Malayalam industry’s most beloved stars with incredible box-office clout — is a milestone.

“It was an honour to work with someone as talented as her. She has years of experience behind her and has such a great personality. The opportunity to work beside her was so unexpected and brilliant,” said Wayne.

The actor is a self-made talent and is one of the many new faces flooding Malayalam cinema with their unique choice in films and roles.

He credits his survival in Malayalam cinema to his unconventional films such as ‘Second Show’ and his road adventure blockbuster ‘Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi’, both with Mammootty’s son Salmaan. While ‘Second Show’ was raw and gritty, the road adventure film with Salmaan gave him a chance to reveal his comic bone.

“Because of the recognition I received from ‘Second Show’, I got take part in films such as ‘Neelakasham …’ It was a career-defining film for me … When I am offered a character in any film, I look at what I can bring to the table. If I like a character, there are several reasons why I chose to do it,” said Wayne.

Both Salmaan and Wayne started their career in the Malayalam film industry around the same time.

“We haven’t worked in a lot of movies together. In a span of nine years we have worked in four movies together and three have released. ‘Kurup’ is our fourth film. He’s a dear friend, but we don’t choose films based on that bond. If a film demands our chemistry, then we are in it … Every day I just feel blessed to be a part of this incredibly talented Malayalam film industry,” said Wayne.


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‘Anugraheethan Antony’ is out in UAE cinemas.