Lebanese singer Yara Image Credit: Supplied

There's something about Yara — you can't help but like her. The Lebanese singer is one of those female artists that guys want to date and girls want as their BBF. She is one of the few Arab stars who relies on her voice rather than her looks and what she wears in order to get attention. That's not to say she's not beautiful — quite the opposite.

Ever since her debut in 2005 with the huge hit Twasa Feya, Yara's career has gone from strength to strength. The talented 28-year-old has released four albums so far — three in Lebanese dialects and one in Khaleeji. She also recorded an award-winning duet with Fadl Shaker called Akhedni Maak.

Now fresh from winning Best Female Singer for the third time at Lebanon's 2011 Murex d'Or Awards, the coming year is set to be hectic for the singer. With two albums coming up, not only is Yara putting the finishing touches to her upcoming records, she will also be promoting two new products that she has been appointed the brand ambassador for — Braun and Lux Beauty.

Yara was in Dubai this week to promote Braun's latest hair products. Here's what she had to say.

Congratulations on being chosen by Braun as the first Middle Eastern artist to represent the brand. How did the collaboration come about?

Thank you. It is very exciting to be involved with Braun as I am a great fan of their products. We started discussing the deal in Lebanon, and basically, we will be advertising the products through television commercials and billboards.

What will you be promoting?

Basically, it's all about the hair care products. So I have been appointed to promote the Satin Hair 7 straightener and brush. It is an honour to represent a brand that I have grown up with.

Being in the public eye, celebrities have to be styled to perfection. How do you ensure you don't damage your locks?

Good hair is hair that is conditioned, so I am always conscious of protecting my hair from drying out. It is incredibly important to take good care of your hair. Obviously, my work requires that my hair is constantly styled, so it's very important to try new looks without having to sacrifice the health of my hair.

Your last album was out in 2009. Are you working on new material?

Yes, in fact, I was going to release an album this year, but unfortunately it got delayed. But I can confirm that I have two albums coming out in 2012 — one will be in the Lebanese-Egyptian dialects and other one will be Khaleeji. I also have a new song out, which I recently debuted on the show Najm Al Khaleej.

Why did you delay your album? Was it because of the events happening in the Arab region?

Actually yes. It felt not appropriate to be releasing music during these troubled times. I was never affected personally by the events in Egypt, because my recording was done in Lebanon.I wasn't based in Cairo, but still I felt it was not appropriate.

Do you want to get into other areas of show business?

At the moment, no, not really. It is not something I am thinking about to be honest. I am just busy with my music and my live shows. I am very excited about New Year's Eve as I will be performing in Lebanon alongside Kazem Al Saher.

Do you perform during the Christmas season or do you like taking time out to celebrate?

Yes, the party is at home. Christmas is all about family, so we all get together and spend as much time together as possible. It's a very enjoyable time and lovely to catch up with everyone, and that's exactly how I'll be spending it this year!

Finally, if you could achieve one thing in 2012, what would it be?

It wouldn't be something personal or something in my career. I genuinely wish for peace in the Arab world next year.


Marwa cancels New Year's gig

Marwa has announced that she will no longer travel to Egypt for work purposes until the current political and civil unrest comes to an end as she is scared for her life.

The controversial Lebanese singer and actress — who arguably rose to fame after appearing in a few Egyptian films — has now cancelled her upcoming shows in Cairo, including a New Year's Eve gig.

"I do not want to travel to Egypt right now. If I go, I'd be scared of all these criminals and thugs currently roaming the streets. What if they would attack me?

"I will only return to Egypt once all the conditions are back to normal and the elections have been completed. I pray to God that a civil war does not take place and that conditions improve in the country," she said.

Sherine unwell

Sherine was taken to hospital this week after suffering a bout of food poisoning.

According to news reports, the Egyptian singer and her music distributor husband Mohammad Mustafa both suffered from food poisoning after having dinner at a prestigious Cairo restaurant.

The couple was immediately taken to Al Shurooq Hospital where they were treated.

Meanwhile, while it is unclear if the singer will perform during New Year's Eve, she will release her new album at the beginning of 2012.

Be Egyptian, buy Egyptian

Despite not even living in Egypt, Amr Diab has expressed his full support for Buy Egyptian, a campaign supported by several political parties encouraging citizens to buy Egyptian products in order to support the economy.

On his Facebook page, Diab posted: "Egyptians — we need to support Egyptian produce more than ever. We need to help Egypt's economy.

"Buying Egyptian products instead of foreign ones means that we will decrease unemployment and increase investment, thus improving the economy. Please take part!"

‘Buy Egyptian' was launched by Egyptian journalist and Arab's Got Talent judge Amr Adeeb earlier this month.

Diab will perform at the Ritz, DIFC, on New Year's Eve.