Look: Park Seo-joon on the latest poster of The Marvels
Look: Park Seo-joon on the latest poster of The Marvels Image Credit: @Marvel/Twitter

Fans of South Korean actor Park Seo-joon seem to be loving the latest poster of The Marvels movie. The actor, who will be seen starring in Marvel Studios’ next feature film Captain Marvel 2, features on the new poster.

A sequel to 2019's Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel 2 features some old beloved characters, while also introducing new faces to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) including the popular South Korean actor.

Seo-joon, who will play the role of Prince Yan in the upcoming installment of the movie, features on the new promotional poster, showing off his costume.

Fans say that Prince Yan looks fierce in his costume.

In December 2022, news broke that Park Seo-joon would join the star-studded ensemble of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, sparking a wave of anticipation among fans worldwide.

By April, his character Yan D'Aladna was introduced in all its glory through the cinematic trailer. K-drama fans were thrilled to spot Seo-joon with his long flowing hair and colourful regal suit. His appearance led to innumerable theories about his debut role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe through The Marvels.

Many speculated that Park Seo-joon plays the role of Prince Yan of the vibrant planet ‘Aldana’, where the inhabitants communicate only through rhythms. Some even said that Yan would play Carol’s husband. The theory stemmed from a scene in the trailer in which Park Seo-joon and Captain Marvel were seen dancing.

In a later interview, The Marvels’ producer Mary Livanos clarified that Park Seo-joon’s character, Prince Yan, comes from a planet that’s extremely “colourful” and “bright,” and is “an ally” to Carol Danvers.

Livanos also mentioned fans will be surprised when they learn just how Prince Yan is connected to Captain Marvel.

With hit K-drama projects such as What's Wrong with Secretary Kim and Itaewon Class, and Academy Award-winning Parasite, Park Seo-joon is an exciting addition to the MCU. The movie is expected to hit theatres on November 10.