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Award-winning British-Pakistani filmmaker Asim Abbasi has wrapped up the shoot of his next, which is a web series, a first for him. The Cake director who earned kudos even from India when the feature was released on Netflix early this year, took to social media to make the happy announcement. He wrote: “500+ script pages, 150+ locations, 100+ characters, 75+ days of principal photography ... And finally it’s a wrap!”

He didn’t disclose what the series is about or its casting line-up or even the title. On the contrary, he tried to arouse excitement by saying that he wasn’t sure “if our audiences are even ready for this narrative.”

His hashtags such as #GenderTrouble and #EatYourMan only added to the mystery.

But he promised that the series had “female characters [who] will kick some serious [expletive] ass and be shamelessly unapologetic. Just like the good lord intended.”

Abbasi posted this with a photo of himself wearing a statement T-shirt that read: “Khasma nu kha!” [a Punjabi slang for ‘Buzz off’].

He went on to say that “the tee [which literally translates to ‘eat your husband’] sums up just about everything.”

In the end, he thanked “everyone who was a part of this insane journey — a journey that broke all of us into a million little pieces, physically, mentally and emotionally. I don’t know if the blood, sweat and tears will show on screen or if the end result will be what we had hoped it would be.”