190702 Sir Cliff Richard
Sir Cliff Richard Image Credit: Reuters

Veteran singer Cliff Richard still wants to try out new things for his career such as cracking the American charts and is reportedly eyeing duets with major American artistes like Taylor Swift in his sights.

The singer seems to be planning to pull a leaf out of the books of Sir Elton John and Sir Tom Jones who have often collaborated with younger singers to keep them relevant with Sir Elton having a number one hit with Dua Lipa and Sir Tom teaming up with The Stereophonics and The Cardigans.

However, he seems to be waiting for 34-year-old Taylor to call him rather than him calling her, reports mirror.co.uk.

He told The Sun: “She’s the biggest artist on the planet. If she asked me, I’d say, ‘Yes please’, because I’m sure it would be a big hit. And it might be an introduction for me in America because I’ve failed in America, apart from what Elton did for me with two songs.”

Richard does have his eyes set on some British talent too as he admits he would happily settle for a duet with Ed Sheeran, who hit number one with Sir Elton in 2021 with their song ‘Merry Christmas’.

Richard said: “Ed Sheeran ... now he does write some terrific songs, and there’s a certain melodic value to them as well.” He also backed Ed for confronting a recent plagiarism case — which a judge threw out of court when other songwriters claimed the Norfolk lad had stolen their tunes.”

Earlier this year, Sir Cliff faced a backlash when he claimed he once turned down the chance to meet Elvis Presley as he said the American music legend looked too fat to be photographed with him.