Liam Gallagher Image Credit: REUTERS

Singer Liam Gallagher was terrified as he thought he caught Covid-19 after returning home from a recent European tour.

The Oasis rocker, told his fans he’s “scared” by the outbreak, after several cases of the life-threatening virus have been confirmed in the UK, Germany, France, and Italy, reports Ace Showbiz.

Gallagher took to the stage in Paris, France on February 25, the same day the first French person carrying the illness died, and he also performed in Italy and Germany recently.

Taking to Twitter, he said he thought he had caught the virus after a fan probed the songwriter for his thoughts on the breakout.

Recalling he thought he had caught the virus, he said: “It’s very confusing and scary though. I feel like I’ve had it 7 times the last few days then realised the house is just hot.”

He later tweeted: “achoo”, as fans laughed over the confusion.