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Song Hyeong-jun Image Credit: Supplied

Starship Entertainment confirmed the debut of an upcoming new nine-member boy group this year.

The South Korean entertainment label didn’t disclose much information, though it revealed that the act is set to launch sometime in the first half of 2020 and will include former X1 members Kang Min-hee and Song Hyeong-jun.

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The news comes after the Starship-signed duo left the 11-member group earlier this year following its disbandment due to vote-rigging allegations of the popular TV show ‘Produce x 101’, where the act was formed.

The duo were only able to release music under X1’s hit debut EP ‘Quantum Leap’, which also topped the UAE iTunes charts. Now the artists will be able to re-debut under a new boy group.

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Song Hyeong-jun Image Credit: Supplied

Ex-bandmates such as Kim Woo-seok and Kim Yo-han are also set to make their solo and acting debut, respectively.

Starship Entertainment hinted at plans of forming a new boy group last year and has been building anticipation among fans by revealing its trainees under Twitter account @_STARSHIPZ_. However, it is unclear whether these young talents will part of the new line-up.

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The upcoming rookie group will mark the label’s first all-male band since Monsta X made their debut in 2015 and their third following now-disbanded Boyfriend.

Aside from Monsta X, the label is home to artists such as Cosmic Girls, Jung Se-woon, K.Will as well as former Sistar member Soyu and more.