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HyunA candidly shared her physical and mental health with fans on her personal Instagram account.

Last Thursday, the K-Pop diva posted an image of a clear blue sky, with a lengthy Korean-written text that revealed she was dealing with depression, panic disorder and vasovagal syncope.

HyunA explained that she put off seeking help and thought she was OK because of the support she received from fans and the people in her life. She then visited the hospital in 2016 to find out she was diagnosed with panic disorder and depression.

“Like how naturally when you’re physically sick you take medicine, like when you have a cold you have to take cold medicine, I was someone who had always been so tough, so I couldn’t believe the diagnosis of depression and panic disorder. I think I didn’t believe it for a year,” she said as per US-based online website Soompi.

She continued to reveal that she was then diagnosed with vasovagal syncope — a condition that can lead to fainting due to certain triggers — after experiencing foggy vision and at collapsing

HyunA said that she was worried people wouldn’t want her to perform if they knew and she was fearful of collapsing again.

“I’m going to keep bravely trying to be well, but I think people can’t be perfect. I think it’s not too late and I’m going to love myself and take care of myself. I’m going to be courageous and honest, like I am now,” she concluded on a positive note.

HyunA is one of South Korea’s most prominent soloists. She defied the K-Pop industry’s norms by publicly revealing her relationship with former Pentagon member Dawn, formerly known as E’Dawn.

She released her first single, ‘Flower Shower’ under a new company, P Nation, headed by Psy, following her departure from Cube Entertainment last year.