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SF9's Ro Woon Image Credit: Supplied

SF9’s Ro Woon will temporarily take a break from the group’s comeback promotions due to back and knee pain.

FNC Entertainment released a statement on their website, revealing its artist felt pain during a group schedule on July 15.

“After visiting the hospital on the morning of July 16th, we received a detailed examination that he should avoid intense movements, including the current choreography, and that if he uses his body too much, the physical condition will get worse,” the South Korean label said.

“In addition, it was inevitably decided that Ro Woon’s activities should be adjusted according to the doctor’s recommendation that the rest period is needed along with treatment for the time being.”

FNC Entertainment further revealed that the group’s upcoming concert, ‘NOOB CON’, which is scheduled for August 8, will be pushed to a later date.

“The artist’s health recovery is our top priority, and we will do our best to ensure Ro Woon’s quick recovery and that his injury does not deteriorate,” the label said. “In order not to cause any concerns to the fans, we will inform you of Ro Woon’s progress in recovery and what will be decided regarding his future activities.”

It concluded that it is considering taking strong legal actions against “spreading malicious rumours and groundless slander” aimed at SF9.

Following the label’s announcement, Ro Woon wrote a letter to fans via the group’s official fan cafe, explaining about the pain and apologising to fans.

The announcement comes amid SF9 dropping it’s eighth mini album ‘9loryUS’, which charted high on the UAE iTunes albums chart, accompanied by title track ‘Summer Breez’ on July 6.