Killer Mike
Killer Mike Image Credit: Reuters

Rapper Killer Mike, who won three Grammys during the pre-televised portion of the ceremony, was handcuffed and escorted by police out of the Grammy Awards.

The news of Mike’s arrest was first reported by Chris Gardner of The Hollywood Reporter. He shared videos of the rapper being taken away in handcuffs by several police officers on X, formerly called Twitter, reports Variety.

According to Forbes, Gardner posted that at the time, he was unable to learn exactly what Mike was charged with, though he reported that an official stated it was “a misdemeanour.” That same unnamed official also stated that the arrest has “nothing to do with anything that happened today here inside the arena.”

Killer Mike won three awards during the pre-show ceremony, which handed out several Grammys ahead of the main telecast beginning.

Killer Mike won in all three of the categories he was nominated in — best rap song and best rap performance for his track ‘Scientists and Angels’ and best rap album for ‘Michael,’ his sixth studio album released in June 2023.