Janet Jackson. Image Credit: Reuters

A new comic book will chart the highs and lows of American pop star Janet Jackson’s career — from her upbringing in the Jackson superstar family, to “that” Super Bowl incident, to her return to the road and successful concerts.

The publication by TidalWave Comics is part of its “Female Force” series and will be released on Jackson’s birthday on May 16.

TAB-Janet jackson-1715596982993
Cover page of the new Janet Jackson comic book

The 22-page narrative delves into the history of Jackson, the youngest member of the Jackson family. From her childhood, surrounded by superstar siblings and their manager/father, Jackson’s life was steeped in music and performance.

The book traces her journey from child actor to music superstar, touching upon the infamous 2004 Super Bowl halftime “wardrobe malfunction” controversy that impacted her career.

The “Female Force” series has chronicled the lives of many influential women, from musicians like Dolly Parton and Beyoncé to activists like Gloria Steinem.

The comic book will be available in both digital and print formats.