Take That in 1993. Image Credit: Rex Features

Take That are the boy band that defined 1990s pop music and very much laid the foundations for countless similar groups like Boyzone, Westlife, Spice Girls, All Saints and many, many more.

Starting out as five, then four, then back up to five and now down to three members - Gary, Mark, and Howard - we look at 10 things you may not know about your mum’s favourite boy band.

1. Formation

The group was formed by Nigel Martin-Smith in 1990, and he hand-picked the members himself.

2. Previous lives

Jason Orange and Howard Douglas were previously in a break-dancing band call StreetBeat, while Robbie Williams was a double-glazing salesman. Mark Owen was set to be a professional footballer, and even had a trial with Manchester United. Gary Barlow, though, had been singing all his life.

3. Before Take That

They weren’t always known as Take That. Originally, when the group only comprised Gary and Mark, they called themselves “The Cutest Rush”… Then when Robbie, Howard and Jason joined they became “Kick it”. That didn’t last long and they settled for “Take That and Party”, before dropping the party suffix.

4. Mr. Popular

Mark Owen was Mr. Popular with around two thirds of fan mail being for him.

5. How Deep is Your Love?

Their hit single How Deep is Your Love wasn’t actually theirs. It was originally performed by the BeeGees.

6. Robbie’s mum

Robbie Williams has his mother to thank for his joining of Take That. She responded to an advert in the paper on his behalf. The rest is history.

7. First split

Robbie left the band in 1995, but Take That struggled in the immediate aftermath. The result was the banding splitting up entirely several months later in 1996. It would be 10 years before they reformed.

8. Slow to rise

Take That rose to prominence in 1993, but they had been in the charts since 1991. Their first single “Do What U Like” only reached number 82.

9. First top 10 hit

Take That finally made it into the top ten in 1992 with their single “It Only Takes a Minute” reaching number 7. This was followed two months later with “A Million Love Songs”, also reaching number 7, and “Could it be Magic” reaching number 3.

10. First hit

1993 proved to be a successful year for the band. They released four singles, and three of them made number 1: “Pray”, “Relight my Fire”, and “Babe”. “Why Can’t I Wake Up With You” reached number 2.

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