Extraordinary Attorney Woo writer to debut as director
Extraordinary Attorney Woo writer to debut as director Image Credit: Korean Film Council

The screenwriter of the hit K-drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo is set to make her directorial debut.

After her success with Extraordinary Attorney Woo, which not only captured the hearts of K-drama fans across the world but also won the grand prize at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards, Moon Ji-won will return to direct a mystery thriller.

According to an article on the South Korean news website koreatimes.co.kr, the movie titled ‘Deaf Voice’ follows the story of a child of deaf parents, who uncovers new evidence in an unsolved murder case 20 years after the crime.

Ji-won will also pen the script for the film, which is based on the Japanese writer Maruyama Masaki's novel, ‘Deaf Voice: A Sign-Language Interpreter in Court’.

According to the report, Ji-won said in a statement: “'Deaf Voice' centers on a protagonist who is caught between the deaf and hearing worlds. His story highlights the complexities of mixed identity in hearing status. As a police officer proficient in sign language, he also seeks the truth behind an unsolved murder case that took place in the deaf community. The film will follow a familiar formula that explores social issues and arouses empathy."

The filming for Deaf Voice is expected to begin in 2024 according to reports.

Ji-won debuted as a screenwriter with the 2019 drama film, Innocent Witness. Before becoming a screenwriter, she had directed several short films.

Her 2022 drama, Extraordinary Attorney Woo, about a young female lawyer with autism earned global success. It won the top prize at the Asia Contents Awards and was nominated for Best Foreign Language Series at the 2023 Critics Choice Awards.