Who Is Park Seo-joon playing in The Marvels?
Park Seo-joon in The Marvels teaser Image Credit: Screengrab from YouTube trailer/Marvel Entertainment

When The Marvels trailer was released a few months ago, K-drama fans were thrilled to spot South Korean actor Park Seo-joon in it. His long flowing hair and colourful regal suit led to innumerable theories about his debut role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe through The Marvels.

Now, director Nia DaCosta and producer Mary Livanos have finally shared some details on the K-drama star’s role, with Marvel confirming that he is a significant member of the main cast in Captain Marvel 2.

During a recent interview, DaCosta and Livanos reassured readers that The Marvels would be "wacky and silly", and introduce audiences to "bright worlds that you haven't seen before”.

Many speculated that Park Seo-joon plays the role of Prince Yan of the vibrant planet ‘Aldana’ where the inhabitants communicate only through rhythms. The theory stemmed from a scene in the trailer in which Park Seo Joon and Captain Marvel were seen dancing.

Opening up about the planet of Aldana appearing in Marvel Cinematic Universe, the director said, “It was really important to me that every planet felt like a completely different space in terms of colour, lighting, and just energy because if you have the entire universe at your disposal, the planets can’t feel the same. That’s one that is very much high-key, colourful, bright."

DaCosta spoke about Seo-joon's character, who was seen dancing with Carol Danvers in the trailers. He suggested: "[Seo-joon's] character is really awesome, and [it's] really fun when you realise his relationship to our hero (Carol Danvers portrayed by Brie Larson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe media franchise)".

This could potentially hint at the pair being married, but Livanos' reveals a different story.

According to thedirect.com, a global entertainment news website, Livanos noted that Park Seo-joon's new MCU character is "a definite ally to Carol Danvers" and went on to mention that he is "someone from her past that is meaningful as a friend to her".

Livanos' emphasis on Seo-joon's character being an "ally" and a "friend" to Carol Danvers perhaps implies that the pair are not actually married, but simply close friends.

With hit K-drama projects such as What's Wrong with Secretary Kim and Itaewon Class, and Academy Award-winning Parasite, Park Seo-joon is an exciting addition to the MCU.

Fans say that having him simply portray a hero's love interest would not do justice to his skills and that being Danvers’ ally would perhaps give him more independence and a more engaging storyline.