David Bowie. Image Credit: Reuters

Legendary rock singer David Bowie’s memorabilia is currently being sold at an exorbitant cost, with one of his lyric sheets auctioned for over $126,000, when it’s sold.

According to a BBC report, the songsheet includes lyrics for the tracks ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide’ and ‘Suffragette City’, two songs that featured on Bowie’s 1972 album ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars’.

The outlet, as per Deadline ,also reported that the sheet includes some of Bowie’s corrections, drafts and notes, which were in fact given to its original owner by Bowie himself.

It was previously part of the exhibition dedicated to the musician that was launched at London’s V&A Museum and toured the world between 2013 and 2018. A similar sheet for the star’s song ‘Starman’ was previously sold at the same auction house.

This latest songsheet will go on sale on November 29 at Omega Auctions.

Auction manager Dan Muscatelli-Hampson said: “These are two real cult favourites in the wonderful Bowie oeuvre and ‘Suffragette City’ has been described as one of his very best.

“It’s an incredible artefact to have and to hold and it is sure to excite the many millions of Bowie fans around the world — just as the ‘Starman’ lyrics did. We are excited to see what it might achieve on the day,” he said.

Other Bowie items in the auction include original recordings of ‘Shadowman and The Man Who Sold The World’, along with signed albums and rare singles.