Bryan Adams
Bryan Adams Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Singer Bryan Adams recently decided to be an independent artiste and said that he felt inspired by Taylor Swift after she took it upon herself to re-record her back catalogue following a dispute with the Big Machine label.

“I feel emboldened and empowered now. Taylor Swift, I’m quite grateful to her because I re-recorded my masters (for ‘Classic’ and ‘Classic Pt. II’) after hearing she did it. She was my inspiration,” he told USA Today, reports

“Now, my productivity has been so high. I think a lot comes from the fact that I’m independent and with that comes renewed vigour. It makes you see things quite differently, too. You realise you’re worth a little more.”

Meanwhile, the ‘Summer of 69’ hit maker admitted that despite his long career, he still “underplays” his self-worth and was shocked to receive a Grammy nomination last year after almost 25 years without a nod from the prestigious awards body.

He said: “I’m the biggest culprit of underplaying my value. Last year when I got a Grammy nomination, I almost fell off my chair. It was my first in 24 years and I thought, what? It’s not like I haven’t been doing anything all these years, but I was so thrilled and happy that it happened because it’s coming from peers. It’s encouraging as a songwriter because people do listen.”

He also said that he has “no idea” how he has preserved his vocals over the years but suspects it may be down to genetics or lack of partying. He said, “I have no idea. Genetics, perhaps. I’ve never really been one to get out there and party much so that might be part of it. I keep myself to myself.”

“I also tour differently than most people — two weeks on two weeks off — so it gives you time for a breather and for family. I’ve worked it out how I like to work and live. I also never wrote songs that were out of my range so even the early songs aren’t such a stretch to sing.”