Kaashmora is a fun film that juggles between the present and the past taking viewers through moments of laughter and action.

Kaashmora (Karthi) is a celebrity exorcist given to TV talk shows and is sought after by the common man as well as bigwigs including the police. His reputation lies in his ability to connect with spirits and drive them away. Obviously, Kaashmora makes big money.

Kaashmora faces a real test when the spirit of Raj Naik (Karthi in another role), an army chieftain of ancient times, hires him for a mission.

The first half of the film takes time to build and is a tad too long. Comedian Vivek as Kaashmora’s father, who manages the family business, brings in the chuckles. Director Gokul’s story takes a dig at people’s belief in superstitions and the business of godmen that thrives in India.

Perking up post interval, viewers have their share of laughs as Kaashmora turns into a horror comedy that is not set in the stereotypical template. And, that makes it worth a watch.

Karthi is brilliant in his three roles — Raj Naik, with that smirk on his face; the cunning Kaashmora, who is caught in his own mesh of misdeeds; and the last one, I leave it to you to check out.

Rajeevan’s art-work depicting the ancient regime of Raj Naik and Princess Ratna Mahadevi is stunning. Taking the story a notch higher is the splendid VFX works. Santosh Narayanan’s songs is a big strength to the story especially the peppy number Dhiku Dhiku and Oyaa Oyaa.

Nayanthara at her stunning best carries the role of Princess Ratna Mahadevi elegantly. Sri Divya, a PhD student who researches exorcism, is impressive too.

Kaashmora has its own share of glitches. It’s long for one. And, just what was the team thinking when they randomly thrust the first song onscreen while the audience is in the middle of a serious talk show with Kaashmora?

Yet, it’s a film that makes no pretensions and one that clearly entertains.

Don’t miss it!

Kaashmora is currently showing in the UAE.