Woo Do-hwan
Woo Do-hwan shared stills from Joseon Attorney Image Credit: Instagram/@Woo Do-hwan

This week, Joseon Attorney actor Woo Do-hwan landed himself in a social media controversy due to a recent Instagram post.

On May 21, the actor uploaded an Instagram post thanking the staff of Joseon Attorney, his co-stars, fans, and viewers for the success of the popular Korean period drama.

In the drama, he plays Kang Han-soo, an attorney in the Joseon era, who uses his expertise to avenge his parents' deaths and fight for justice.

“I was so scared and nervous about returning after three years, but the wonderful actors, director, and staff members all gave me great strength. I would like to thank audiences for giving so much love to someone as lacking as me,” wrote the actor in the caption.

The actor expressed gratitude for the support he received from fans for the drama. In 2020, he had taken a break from his entertainment career for mandatory military enlistment, and returned to acting in January 2022.

But, it was a second post that didn’t sit well with some K-drama viewers.

In another post, he also uploaded a now-deleted, behind-the-scenes, intimate clip from the drama, where he was seen with South Korean singer and actress Kim Ji-yeon, popularly referred to as Bona. The scene had not made the final cut.

The post caused a stir on social media and Bona’s fans immediately started responding in the comments section, asking the actor to remove the video.

After the clip was deleted by the actor, a representative of the actor responded to the controversy and revealed that Bona had agreed to the actor’s post.

“The problematic clip was uploaded after discussing it with the actress (Bona). If there wasn’t agreement, he wouldn’t have been able to have the unreleased footage in the first place. He uploaded the clip for fans, but because there were some who were uncomfortable with the clip, he deleted it,” said Woo Do-hwan’s representative, according to multiple South Korean entertainment websites.

Later, fans of the actor who was also seen in popular dramas like The King: Eternal Monarch, Mad Dog, and Tempted, came out in his support.

Tweep @neo_city7 posted: “He had consent from the actress so I see no harm in it ….”