RDS_181123 The Lion King
A screengrab of the teaser shows Simba, the protagonist. Image Credit: Instagram

Dubai: The first official teaser trailer for Disney’s live-action remake of The Lion King was released today and it sent social media in a frenzy.

In the minute-and-a-half long teaser, the familiar opening scene from the movie, where Rafiki presents a young Simba to the other animals at Pride Rock, is shown, while the iconic voice of James Earl Jones, who plays Mufasa, echoes in the background.

The original 1994 animated musical fantasy film, released by Walt Disney Pictures, still remains a favourite amongst many people, as was visible on twitter when the ‘90s kids’ started reminiscing. #LionKing2019 was seen as a trend, with tweeps suddenly experiencing some nostalgia and excitement at the same time.

Tweep @AmyGrasya wrote: “Nostalgia at its finest #LionKing2019.”

@chadscope tweeted: “I can’t wait! #LionKing2019”

Tweep @jimgranty wrote: “Oh yes, can’t wait. Film of my childhood will soon be the film of my daughter’s! That’s my 2019 sorted. #LionKing #LionKing2019”

@christianaB42 tweeted: “Monumentally excited about this! How cute is baby Simba?! Too much. #LionKingTrailer #LionKing2019”

Tweep @Aikensmusic added: “‘The Lion King’ trailer is flawless. The vocals when Pride Rock appears brings out goosebumps. This will be the biggest film of 2019 if not the last 10 years! #LionKing2019”

A lot of tweeps started talking about different scenes from the movie, but the one that stood out the most was the one where, spoiler alert, Mufasa dies.

Tweep @E1080p shared a screengrab from the trailer of Simba and wrote: “Mentally preparing for next summer. How you expect me to hold it together when this guys nudges Mufasa to get up after the stampede?! #LionKing2019”

@ToffTalks tweeted: “I’m not ready to watch Mufasa die again.”

Tweep @BrandonBoyle2 added: “Still not emotionally over Mufasa’s death the first time around, now I have to relive it on the big screen. #LionKing2019”

Despite that, there is a lot of excitement around the movie, which is expected to release in July 2019. The movie is directed by Jon Favreau. The lead roles of Simba and Nala will be played by Donald Glover and Beyonce, while Chiwetel Ejiofor will play Scar.