Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson Image Credit: IANS

Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson 51, shared a video on Instagram of himself singing with his mother Ata Johnson, who turned 75.

Ata can be seen playing a ukulele in the video as she and Dwayne performed a special birthday song together, reports People magazine.

“Don’t start crying," Dwayne jokes in the video, before his mother says: “I want to sing. Do you know how to sing in tune?” “I know how to sing in keys that don’t exist”, Dwayne joked, before launching into the tune.

As per People, during the song, the pair joked that Ata is only turning 59 before Dwayne placed a pink-coloured lei around her neck and planted a kiss on her head. "Before I even start singing to my mom her special Happy Birthday song, she starts to cry", Dwayne wrote in the caption to his post. "Probably because I always sing in keys that don’t exist."

"Happy birthday Mom," he added in the caption. "75 years of experience, wisdom, hard times, good times, laughter, mana, and yet through it all — you TRULY have the KINDEST HEART I have ever known. I feel like the luckiest son on earth (sic).”

To top the post off, Dwayne wrote: "Ou Te Alofa Ia Te Oe", which roughly translates from Samoan to English as "I love you”.