181113 Toy Stoyr 4
Image Credit: Supplied

Oh, sure, Toy Story 4, set your new teaser trailer to a Joni Mitchell tune, then tell us we have to wait until next summer to see the fourth instalment of the animated Pixar series.

The trailer, which was released on Monday, has old friends including Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear floating happily through space to the sound of Both Sides, Now — until, of course, disaster strikes.

“I don’t belong here!,” a poorly drawn spork screams as it jumps from the circle, causing a chain reaction that sends the characters and their parts flying. Lips, shoes, corks, you name it.

Is it a hint at the plot, or simply Pixar setting up a totally cute sight gag involving Slinky Dog’s hind end? Does it even matter? The news is that the toys are coming back.

Pass the tissues, please. Because you know the feels will be coming next summer, too.