Auto Drake
Drake Image Credit: Supplied

Grammy winning rapper Drake's latest bling collection showcases diamonds from engagement rings he thought about giving women.

"New piece titled 'Previous Engagements' for all the times he thought about it but never did it," jewellery designer Alex Moss wrote over a video showcasing the creation, reports

The necklace is made up of "42 engagement rings, 351.38 carats in diamonds," Moss explained in the caption.

According to the Instagram reel, creating the necklace was "an expedition spanning 14 months, every diamond hand selected, inspected to only suit perfection."

"This monumental art piece was assembled using 351.38 carats of diamonds mounted in 18k white gold," the voiceover continues. 

"Alex Moss, Can you do sum for me?" one user asked the celebrity jewellery designer, referencing Drake's verse alongside '21 Savage' on the viral song 'Rich Flex'.

Another said: "350 + carats over 42 diamonds so something like 8 carats a piece? Assuming you're using vs1+ this piece is somewhere in the $4-6M range?"

One questioned, "So who was the 2 big stones for ??? You should call this piece 'UNLUCKY LADIES'," as another person recommended naming the piece 'HER LOSS'.

It's unclear for whom the diamonds were meant for, but the rapper has been linked to multiple women over the years, including Rashida Jones, Tyra Banks, SZA, Julia Fox and Rihanna.

Drake welcomed his son Adonis, 5, in 2017 after secretly fathering the child with French artist Sophie Brussaux, 33.