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Jackie Chan in 'Vanguard'. Image Credit:

The latest movie from martial arts star Jackie Chan will get a grand welcome at Dubai Opera on October 9. ‘Vanguard’, which was partly shot in Dubai, will have two special screenings on Friday with the option for audiences to upgrade from movie snacks to something fancier.

In the movie, which releases across the UAE on October 8, Chan plays Tang Huanting, who races against time to save a high-profile client of his security company Vanguard from a terrorist group. The businessman’s daughter is also in peril, but he and his Vanguard team helm a rescue operation that spans Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

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‘Vanguard’ features some iconic locations and neighbourhoods, including Downtown Dubai, Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall and City Walk according to a statement.

Dubai Opera will host two screenings of ‘Vanguard’ on October 9, with two shows taking place at 5pm and 9.30pm. Tickets available online start at Dh70. Social distancing and safety measures will be strictly followed by the venue.