Actor Michael J Fox. Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

Hollywood star Michael J Fox recently opened up about how Parkinson’s disease has impacted his acting career.

According to Fox News, the 59-year-old actor recently spoke with The New York Times about his fourth memoir, ‘No Time Like the Future,’ in which he addresses his struggles with Parkinson’s.

Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd in 'Back to the Future.

In addition to motor skill difficulties, the neurodegenerative disorder can cause severe cognitive issues.

In his book, Fox writes that “not being able to speak reliably is a game-breaker for an actor,” the Times reported.

The star writes, “Absent a chemical intervention, Parkinson’s will render me frozen, immobile, stone-faced, and mute — entirely at the mercy of my environment. For someone for whom motion equals emotion, vibrance and relevance, it’s a lesson in humility.”

Fox’s admission has left fans questioning if he has decided to step back from acting for good. A spokesperson confirmed in a statement to Fox News on Saturday that Fox “is not actively looking for work.”

However, the spokesperson added: “But if something great comes along and it works for him, he would consider it.”

Known for his role as Marty McFly in the ‘Back to the Future’ franchise, the actor became a household name thanks to the sitcom ‘Family Ties.’ Political comedy ‘Spin City’ and guest roles in ‘The Good Wife’ have kept him in the spotlight since then.

Most recently, he appeared in two episodes of ‘Good Wife’ spin-off ‘The Good Fight,’ an episode of ‘Corner Gas Animated’ and the Netflix film ‘See You Yesterday,’ as per IMDb. The last project Fox has listed on the site is a short, titled ‘The Beast, Heroes of the Wildfire,’ which is said to be currently filming.

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Fox, who semi-retired following his diagnosis, has nabbed four Golden Globes and five Emmys, along with several more nominations, reported Fox News.

Despite his struggles with Parkinson’s, Fox’s wife and former ‘Family Ties’ co-star Tracy Pollan has been by his side every step of the way.

Fox told the Times, “The book is a love letter to Tracy. She really got me through everything.”