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Halle Berry Image Credit: Supplied

Halle Berry and ‘John Wick 3’ director Chad Stahelski say the actress will be back for the fourth instalment in Keanu Reeves’ action franchise.

“I’m going to say yes, because I got the first job by doing that. So I’m going to say yeah, I’m all over the next one,” Berry said on Thursday.

“Her character Sofia is not going anywhere,” Stahelski added.

Berry and Stahelski were promoting ‘John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum,’ out next month.


The 52-year-old Oscar winner said she relished her preparation for the role of an assassin who teams up with Reeves’ John Wick character.

“I got to train really, really hard, harder than I have ever trained,” she said. “I got to work at these guys one-on-one personally for five, six months. And that kind of training, you can’t buy. And you can’t certainly get to the level that I got to in five months. It takes two people two or three years. So I got all of this training under the guise of doing my work. And it was fun! Yeah, I got the intense version and it was amazing.”