Chris Hemsworth Image Credit: AP

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth recently revealed what made him move back to Australia and spoke of the time when he felt “suffocated” in Hollywood.

According to Fox News, the 36-year-old star in an interview with The Sunday Telegraph opened up about what made him move back from California to his native Australia.

The ‘Avengers: Endgame’ star said, “When you’re suffocated by the work, every conversation that you’re having and every billboard you’re seeing is to do with a movie or whatever around the industry. You lose perspective.”

Hemsworth, packed up and moved back to Australia with his wife Elsa, seven-year-old daughter India and twin six-year-old boys Tristan and Sasha.

The actor said, “There’s not a single person [in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia] that I interact with, or close friends of mine, that are really in the industry and so that’s hugely refreshing. It’s great for my kids and my wife.”

The star also shared that with a number of high-profile projects under his belt including ‘Ghostbusters,’ ‘Men in Black: International’ and the Marvel franchise to name a few, Hemsworth said that he is ready for things to slow down for a bit.

The actor noted, “I just want to stop for a while. I need to be home for a minute. Just enjoy. It all flies by.”

Previously, Hemsworth spoke with OK! magazine about his struggles living in Hollywood, and noted that while living there, “you just kind of lose touch with reality.”

The ‘Thor’ shared of living in Australia, “It’s nice to be a part of a community that doesn’t live and breathe that world.”