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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively in Abu Dhabi, where the former is shooting for ‘6 Underground’. Image Credit: Supplied

Actress Blake Lively has joined actor husband Ryan Reynolds in Abu Dhabi, where he is currently filming the action thriller 6 Underground with director Michael Bay.

Reynolds posed for a photo with his cast and crew on Sunday night in the UAE, crediting Lively for taking the shot. He followed it up with a selfie with several people, including Lively and his British co-star Ben Hardy, who recently played Queen drummer Roger Taylor in Bohemian Rhapsody. He posted both photos to his Instagram stories.

Reynolds and Lively met in 2010 while filming the superhero film Green Lantern. They married two years later and have two daughters, James and Inez, together.

Reynolds arrived in Abu Dhabi last week for a planned 30-day shoot in the emirate. According to reports, 6 Underground, a high-budget film set to be distributed by Netflix, will follow six billionaires who fake their own deaths in order to anonymously fight crime.

It will release in 2019.