Jason Momoa and Rachel Nichols in Conan the Barbarian. Image Credit: Supplied picture

Who's in it? Jason Momoa, Rachel Nichols, Stephen Lang, Rose McGowan, Saïd Taghmaoui, Ron Perlman

The plot While not an exact remake of the 1982 classic that launched Arnold Schwarzenegger's career, Conan the Barbarian retells the story of the Cimmerian warrior's origins, based on the tales from Conan author Robert E. Howard.

Born on the battlefield to his dying mother, Conan (Momoa) is raised by his father Corin (Perlman), the leader of their tribe. But following a raid on the Cimmerians' village by a gang of bandits led by Khalar Zym (Lang), who is seeking the whereabouts of a missing piece of the Mask of Acheron, which will help him raise his sorceress wife from the dead and achieve immortality, Conan is left orphaned. Fast forward a few years and an older Conan, now a fearless adventurer, discovers the whereabouts of Khalar and his witch daughter, Marique (McGowan). Conan's thirst for revenge leads him to cross paths with both the noble thief Ela-Shan (Taghmaoui) and Tamara (Nichols), a beautiful woman whose blood can unleash the power of the Mask of Acheron and help Khalar conquer all.

What we liked Momoa is a great Conan and his physical presence dominates the screen.

What we didn't like We weren't expecting De Niro-style method acting here, but at times, Momoa lacks finesse.