Bollywood movie Desi Boyz stars from left to right: Akshay Kumar, Chitragadha Singh, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham at a press conference to promote their movie at the Grand Hyatt in Dubai. Image Credit: Pankaj Sharma/Gulf News

Bollywood actor John Abraham expressed shock at his latest film, Desi Boyz, being slapped with an Adult certification by the Indian Censor Board.

"We are shocked by it. This is the cleanest A film ever made," said Abraham at a press conference in Dubai on Tuesday. He was in town to promote the film with the rest of the cast including Akshay Kumar, Deepika Padukone and Chitrangada Singh.

"In fact, it's such a clean film that there was this shot where I get a punch and there's a speck of blood. But Akshay wipes it off saying that our film is targeted at children - so no expletives, no perverse dialogue… when you see the film I will be able to validate my point," said Abraham.

Desi Boyz, directed by debutante Rohit Dhawan, is a tale of two friends based in London who resort to desperate measures after losing their jobs to the economic meltdown. The film's trailer shows the pair mostly with bared torsos and dressing up as various characters.

Kumar describes their job as ‘costume dancers'.

"But this is not a comedy film. The comedy is subtle and it's the emotions and drama that drive the story forward," added Kumar.

When asked as to why the quartet opted to place their trust on a first-time director such as Dhawan, they said that the son of legendary director David Dhawan showed a maturity that belied his age.

"He may be only 26 years old, but he showed great skills in directing actors like us and these two beautiful women. He's all sorted in life," said Kumar in Hindi.

The film also marks the entry of art-house favourite Chitrangada Singh into the mainstream commercial mould.

"This is my first masala film, I am taking baby steps here and it's a fun, entertaining film," said Singh.

Desi Boyz releases in the UAE this Thursday.