Indian Bollywood actor Vir Das (left) poses with Imran Khan (Center) and Kunal Roy Kapoor (Right) at a promotional event for the forthcoming Hindi film “Delhi Belly” in Mumbai late June 18, 2011. Image Credit: AFP Photo

Dubai: The cast of upcoming Hindi movie Delhi Belly will make an appearance at the Dubai nightclub It’s Mirchi on Thursday night to promote the film.

Imran Khan, Kunal Roy Kapoor and Vir Das will also judge a singing contest with contestants competing on who sings the film’s title song ‘Bhaag DK Bose’ best.

Delhi Belly, which also refers to Travellers’ Diarrhea afflicting tourists in India, is the story about three young men who get caught up in a crime network in the Indian capital.

The expletive-ridden film, produced by Khan’s uncle Aamir Khan, has been in the news for its language and depiction of violence. Producer Khan, who is also one of the most respected actors in the country, is known for making family-friendly films.

Delhi Belly is scheduled for release in the UAE on June 30.

Doors to It’s Mirchi open at 10pm. Call 055 6005678 or 055 6005611 for tables.